PPC Form Filling Jobs

Biggest Project of the year 2011 Place 2 Win PPC Form Filling Project 

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Earn minimum $125 per Day by Typing 5 Lines

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Payments directly send to your Communication address

Minimum Payout is $100

No need to work 1 or 2 hours per day

Work just 15 minutes per month and earn $3750 per month

What are the Steps to start this Project?

Only few steps to start this project, it takes only 15 minutes every month

Step 1:

Click on the link Commission Junction and finish registration in our members area

Registration Process Takes only 5 Minutes

After Registration choose any one links from the commission junction

For Example:

If we take Odesk.com as shown below
and promote the above advertiser through Google Ad words for $.01 per click and fix the target of $75 per month.

( Using our Free $75 Google Ad Words Coupon)

The above advertiser gives you $.50 for every registration.

Through Google Ad words program you will get 7500 clicks and which converts to 7500 leads.

Step 2:

Click on the link Google Ad words account and finish registration

Registration process takes only 5 Minutes.

After Registration you will get the free Credit of $75 for Promote the Advertiser.

Step 3:

Fill the Google Ad Words form for any one advertisers in the commission junction 

For example Odesk.com

Create a campaign as shown below for Odesk.com with $.01 per click for 30 days( This is the only work you need to finish) 
Description line 1: 
Description line 2: 
Display URL:                 
Destination URL:             

Step 4: 
All the above steps takes only 15 minutes. After 15 minutes sit back and relax for 30 days and watch your earnings.Step 5: Calculate your earnings for the month at the first week itselfCalculation: Per day: Ad Words send 250 leads250 *$.5 = $125Monthly Earnings:30 * $125 = $3750.Ok, what is the next step Register with $50 and start your work in our Members area today onwards.Odesk is not only the advertiser to promote you can choose other advertiser like permission research, who give $1.50 per lead.Which will maximize you earnings to 3 times in the first month itself.Advertiser choosing is your own choice Main Features in our members areaStep by step instruction How to create account in commission junction and Google ad wordsHow to get links from advertiser How to place links in the ad words formFollow our instructions and work only 15 minutes per month and earn Minimum $3750 per month by filling Google ad words form for the advertisers.